Richard McBee, Artist and Writer

Richard McBee has been surveying the Jewish Arts since 2000, mostly in a weekly column in the Jewish Press. 

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Richard McBee approached Artisan Web and Print with the goal of redesigning his old Joomla 1.0 website into a full archive of his writings and paintings. He wanted his writings to be categorized and searchable with "smart search" suggestive dropdowns so his audience could find the content they were looking for with ease. He also wanted his writings to be nuanced with the images they referenced while giving the user the option to expand that thumbnail into a full lightbox preview on the page. For his art gallery we organized the paintings by series and included extensive biblical references for the viewer. These literary pieces were placed close to the artwork so navigating text and image becomes a seamless experience. His custom designed template focuses on simplicity and incorporates colors that compliment his artwork. Simplicity was of tantamount importance due tot he extensive amount of content on the website.


  • Custom build a responsive template that performs beautifully on phones, tablets and desktop computers.
  • Utilize the component Ignite Gallery to organize and present the artwork.
  • Configure a Content Construction Kit to build on core Joomla and better organize the writings
  • Incorporate a spotlight and lightbox feature for the thumbnails within the articles.
  • Generate a RSS feed for his writings so his audience can subscribe.
  • Build a visually exciting widget that presents the photographs at the top of the article.
  • Input over 300 articles and 250 paintings.
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