Clausen Nursery

The Clausen Nursery is a third generation, family owned and operated sustainable nursery that culitvates a wide variety of trees and bushes for Southern California.


Clausen Nursery was in need of a website redesign and upgrade so it could perform better on mobile devices while being touch friendly. The project began with a Joomla! migration so we could transfer the hundreds of articles quickly into the current, stable version. The next requirement was to build the website so the addition of new varieties is very easy for the owners who are very busy at the nursery. For this objective, Artisan Web and Print developed a directory for their varietals complete with a simple form that makes adding new items a breeze. The new website is optimized for performance and usability both on a desktop computer and a phone or tablet. Additionaly, every page was written with keyword rich content to facilitate better search engine optimization. Within the first week of launch, the Clausen's began receiving dozens of requests for their trees from all over the United States.


  • Migrate a Joomla! website into the current, stable version
  • Create the logo in Illustrator from a photograph of their sign
  • Devise innovative search and navigation strategies
  • Optimize the website for Search Engine Performance
  • Design and Build a Mobile Friendly, Responsive Solution
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