Collins Tree Farm and Sugarhouse

Collins Tree Farm and Sugarhouse, located in Putney Vermont, has mastered the art of crafting delicious Pure Vemont Maple Syrup. Martin Collins, the master syrup maker with over 50 years of experience, continues to use what is considered an old-fashioned wood-fired evaporator to transform sap into maple syrup.

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For this project, I had the pleasure of photographing the sugaring process, farm and products which has served as the backdrop for their custom designed website. Their Joomla! website just launched with a "soft launch" in December 2012 and it features a shopping cart that is easy and intuitive for the Collins to use. Their sales are integrated into Paypal, so the process of monitoring orders, shipments, payments, and customers is a breeze.


  • Design, develop and launch a dynamic CMS website.
  • Integrate their website with an easy to use Shopping Cart
  • Photograph the Sugarhouse, process, and farm - prepare images for the web.
  • Train the owner and his wife in Joomla
  • Integrate the website with "Live" shipping quotes for user satisfaction
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